Classifying Dreams!

Perhaps this is the most difficult part. Defining dreams, and their types.

On a closer look, dreams can be classified into defined and undefined dream, practical and romantic dream, negative and non-negative dream, explicit and implicit dream. Let me take this opportunity to tell what these dreams are all about.

Defined and Undefined Dream: A defined dream is the one in which we know the full potential of the dream, and the means of making the dream a reality are well defined. Such a dream is generally related to a career or a personal achievement. An undefined dream is just a concept. We are not focused enough to realize the goal of the dream. Either the path to achieve the dream is nebulous, or the full potential of the dream, or both. Such a dream might be related to making an impact or achieve honors to a greater degree. More often than not, we are not sure what we want in that concept.

Practical and romantic dream: A practical dream in the true sense is achievable. Something that has a less gap between the wanted and the achieved. A dream like this maybe the next step after the wanted, and can be achieved to an extent. A romantic dream is an impossible dream. Something which cannot be achieved in the whole lifetime or even a small part of it. Day dreamers realize this dream.

Negative, neutral and positive dream: Sometimes a dream can have a positive and a negative connotation, or even neutral. They are often associated with the goal of the dream, and effecting the overall energy levels. An example of a negative dream might be to harm someone. It increases anxiety level, and decreases the positive energy. A positive dream is generally philanthropic in nature, a dream encompassing the whole nation or a part of the mankind. A neutral dream is about us – it is about we – something that we want to achieve for ourselves. A thought which does not affect our energy levels.

Explicit and Implicit Dream: An explicit dream can be realized. It exists as a concept, whether it is defined or undefined. An implicit dream is the one which cannot be realized. It might come to us only when in sleep. It may not percolate the realm of conscious mind from the sub conscious mind. Such dreams lay unearthed.

Ironically, no dream can belong to any particular class. What I mean is that dreams are independent of the class and the strata of the society. It is just the circumstances and constraints that define the type of the dream that we see. The circumstances might be related to a particular position, rank, social strata that define your thinking pattern, while constraints are your resources like finance, power, amount of impact and others.

Dreams are an extension of wishes. When wishes get powerful enough to reach a position of ultimate goal in life, exceeding the requisite gap between the wanted and the perceived, dreams are formed.

We live with our dreams. Day in and day out. We plant them, nurture them, rear them, nourish them in us. We love to dream.

Dreams give us the reason for our existence. Dreams give us hopes. Dreams give us a reason to get up early in the morning at 6 00 and get ready for office. Dreams give us the reason to study hard to pass professional entrance exams. Dreams give us the competitive spirit with which we enter the rat race. Dreams are the pillars of our reasons to stay alive. Dreams make us believe that one day we will reach the zenith.

The sad reality is that dreams never come. We go after them. We run after them to make them a reality. And soon as mentioned before, we enter a vicious cycle of life. Running after our dreams. Trying to reach the uppermost rung. Or at least, trying to catch one or all of the invisible ladders.

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