The Invisible Ladders

Not all ladders are visible. Some of them are hidden. Especially the ladder of culture, the ladder of intellect, and these are the ladders of the higher order. The ladder of success and the ladder of society is perhaps well-defined. But some ladders are not, the higher order ladders. Of all the ladders, the greatest of all is the ladder of impact.

Every body wants to climb to the top of the ladders, all the ladders. And that is why the competitive spirit prevails in a child. Some of them are born with a social stratum that helps them pursue their own passions or dreams. Some of them struggle to find their own dream. It is evident in all the societies, in every parts of the world. We all know that Utopia is just a concept.

Let me talk of the ladders of higher order, which is an order of significance. Once our family or we have reached a status of minimum level of social acceptance where you have enough money and influence, we turn to culture. The pursuit of culture! We start mingling with the groups or the society cream as they call it in parties to attach significance to our own existence. We start drinking in parties that are meant to be a brainstorming process to help the poor and the disabled, just like some congregations of some clubs have turned into in some of the developing countries. To climb the ladder of culture, we start visiting work of arts, fine arts, and performing arts.

But of all, the intellectual ladder is the toughest ladder to climb. After so many years of hard work put by our parents, we try to create an intellectual wealth for the society to create a contribution in terms of music, dance, arts, performing arts , literature, to name a few. We try hard to create a Hall of Fame for our own self, to leave a legacy of our own that our generations may cash for. Or probably an intellectual ladder to help our self to grow high up in the ladder of the society.

The ladder of impact is the ladder of the highest order. It is initiated after reaching a certain rung of the other ladders, and is realized only at a certain age. To do this, one turns to social service or politics or media. Not every one can reach the first step of this ladder even in their lifetime, let top alone. In fact this ladder is the most coveted ladder of all times, and strong corporate identities are actually sharing the top rung with the top politicians of powerful nations. It is a mutual symbiosis after all.

And the dream is to reach the top of all the ladders at the same time, or probably at least one ladder in a lifetime. And that is what we are taught about as a child. Expectations are really high from all of us.

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  1. I found parallels to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. But you do not clarify whether the ascent is linear, mutually exclusive or inclusive.

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