Why do people resist changes?

There are some people who don’t like a social changes, and there are some who want to stop an innovation – however small idea it can be. How do we define such characteristics of a person ? How do we find such a person ? Is he a rebel ? Or is he a just a green eyed monster lurking in the alley ? Reasons for resistance to change can be either related to the “human situation”, or to personality and other psychological variables inherent in some social situations.

First of all why do some people resist an innovative idea –
1.This stems from the fact that they think that they are the best and whatever they decide is definitely the most viable option. So, no change is required.

2.Change brings a motion to their old conceived basic value system which they don’t want to address at times.

3. The green eye is always there : If the plan succeeds, then ? Someone will have more canvassing then his own image. This lies within the mental insecurity and the fact that we all have a small inferiority complex within us. That’s a fact which we don’t want to accept, as it might skew our personality. So kill the idea before the power shifts.

4. The resistance to innovation leads people to think that they are different from the rest. Almost all are alike in the fact that they all think that they are different from the rest – while genome mapping says that 99.99% of our genes are alike. The more resistance they can provide, the more smarter they are.(Of course, smart and beautiful are the two catch words for two different planets – Mars and Venus!)

5.Innovation might affect their own basic skill set. If a person needs to learn a new technology, then he has to undergo training, otherwise he may go obsolete.

6.Fear of the unknown kills everybody. No one knows how we can manage a change that might have a long lasting impact.

7.Resistance is also likely to occur due to habit and inertia (The way things are done here is good enough). People refuse new changing programs previous exposure to failed change efforts. Moreover resistance occurs, if people feel that the change is forced upon them, or if the purpose of the change is not made clear.

8.In general, resistance due to social-psychological and personality variables and characteristics might occur because of cognitive dissonance, fear of the unknown, conservatism, dogmatism, admiration for status, or Machiavellian ism.

9.’Giving something up’ : that’s why people resists change. People think that they are diluting their won authority.

10.Many people are unwittingly applying productive energy towards a hidden competing commitment. The resulting dynamic equilibrium stalls the effort what looks like resistance, but this is in fact a kind of personal immunity to change.

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