10+3 +3/4

How about going back to the roots and starting from scratch for another subject for a PhD? Each Phd of 1 year alone for the top 5 students of the university.

OR, an educational reform in India which lessens the burden of the students for one and half years after class X: Three years to complete the 12 th Standard in 10 +3 manner?

OR, special schools to intellectual students to nurture them with various entrepreneurial and testing grounds, assessed, motivated and designed by the industry right from high school?

OR a better content delivery mechanism to offer students same course but with a different style and mode?

OR an e-leaning class mechanism in place?

OR a mobile class room through mobile?

Or, new industry entrants making social benevolence of “Each one, Teach One” Mandatory as a part of SCR?

Any takers, Please?

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