If the Dollar was to be saved

Nothing comes easy. Everything has to be paid a price. In order to maintain the status quo of the dollar by the US government, it issues bonds on debts way back in the early 2000s to the governments with huge cash reserves and dollar. Now what would happen if the dollar gets a big bang crunch in terms of dilution in case the bonds get exhausted?

Let us face these scenes now: the world trades in dollars. Oil, renewable energy, food all are traded in dollars, where as back home in the USA, there is a 3 trillion dollar debt in the house as a fiscal deficit. After careful painstaking effort, the debt can be warded off by these following ways:

1. # Raise the coiffures via taxes – individual and corporate
2. # Allow jobs to enter the US economy via foreign investors
    # Sell bonds to the other countries only at the time of necessity
4. # Allow money circulation in terms of slightly high inflation, rather than deflation
Not allow much outsiders to enter the market with jobs to disallow overseas transmission of money
6. # Use a cap for the existing immigrants to spend a part of their money in USA only
No long term investments by the government in the USA with a 4-7 years benefit terms
No current debts to exhaust the coiffure reserves
# SSN reserves to get properly utilized by the distribution mechanism based on certain index and with       minimal     dispersion of the reserve
# Start investing in opportunities that are having a good ROI
1  # Use the educational system to attract the best crowd for investing   in education. Stanford will always sell.
1 # Promote tourism of coveted places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City to churn out numbers, the part of the money goes back to the Feds
If possible, keep a contract on the new job seekers that allows the medical benefit amount to be disbursed to the feds
# Harmonize to accept donations through NGOs which in turn pay to the Feds for sustainability
# Ascertain a new face from the developing countries to say we are friends with you all, along with a world tour that means a face value

Long term Strategy
1.  #  Buy Back the Bond Reserves from the other countries
 # Dilute the currency slightly at a current period, and check the impact in commodity prices only to gain again
3.  #  Let dual currency mode to enter commodity pricing marketing
4. # With draw from places partially where military zone is established in some countries
# Establish economic bases in the free market economy to control the economy of the scope and scale

Once this is done, it can at least try to configure the states of the USA.

One thought on “If the Dollar was to be saved

  1. 1: Managing personal finance. No one seems to give it importance but it can go a long way. People here follow the Charbak philosophy.2: I too believe that military is expensive. The warmongers are profiting.Meanwhile, the taxes will be raised, healthcare will suffer.However, currency markets are cyclical. It will fall, rise, fall and rise again. A weaker dollar is an incentive to for foreign markets to buy US goods. A relevant addendum could be, if dollar falls, what then? Which businesses could be made profitable? How the trade could be more balanced.I see a certain conversation has provoked your thoughts. Good to see you posting again.

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