Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is gaining importance in the lives of the corporate conglomerates. More often than not do we see advertisements that target such a noble cause for the benefit of the nation! How can this be incorporated in the culture of the corporate identity? Granularity is the main cardinal rule. By granularity I mean that even the person at the lowest level of hierarchy transcends boundaries to attain success at the level of this noble cause by motivating himself to a greater extent, leading by an example.
This serves a few purposes:
1.      1. It brings out the bondage factor among the individuals among the rank and file
2.      2. It brings out a corporate sense of representation within the group of individuals
3.      3. The corporate identity gets a better profile of the associated individuals
4.      4. The corporate house is in the minds of the people
5.       5..    Development of the nation as a whole gets a passage
Types of such noble causes are:
1.      1.Each One, Teach One
2.      2. Donation of Blood
3.      3. Educating Women Masses
4.      4. Establishing schools, medical centers, and colleges
5.      5. Establishing community Halls
6.      6. Supporting the Cause of running a college or school for corporate affiliation
7.      7. Establishing hostels as “Super 30s”
8.     8. Monetary donations of 1% to the individuals of the corporate identity towards the cause
9.     9. Empowering a small village through adoption of the corporate identity
1c    10. Establishing strong connections with the farmers  for a cause like e-choupal
11  11. Empowering and educating individuals on their basic needs, with a focus on innovation at the later stages
Looking at the bigger picture, CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility actually helps to churn out the best for the corporate identity.

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