The Google Way, Or the Other Way

China did it. India is thinking about it.

Reportedly, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook are among the top 21 companies against whom the allegations are made for allowing illicit and explicit bad material to be hosted without proper control. The result is a pending case court in the Delhi High Court, against these top multinational companies.

The question is not what will happen? The question is not what is good or bad? The question is not of the illicit material alone, or even malwares derived from the adult materials.

Google has argumented saying that they are not a host to the illicit materials but the third parties are, who host such services. Google just finds them through their search engine. Whereas the Prosecutor has persisted saying that they should control uploads and downloads of not-so-good material.

I must say that it is a known fact that the three letter word “SEX” is the most searched word in the search engines in India, as of now. People do have a craze on this term, and I admit it. But does that crush our social heritage and allow an “advanced” culture penetrate our cultural binding is the question.

Going by the statistics, the age where an average Indian loses virginity has gone down, rape attempts have gone up, and anti-social elements are making profits from the gullibility of people in the social networking sites without proper address of secured mechanism. Now whether such networking sites and search engines are culpable for such a correlation between anti-social activities and internet sites is to be judged. AT the first place do such a correlation exists or not is the question.

Here is something I can suggest:
1. Put a real screening mechanism in place to detect frauds and imposters
2. Put a screening of illicit materials
3. Block key words that may search adult contents
4. Put Nanny Wares in proper places
5. Take reports of suspicious activities in place seriously
6. Take reports of minors searching key words as a check during surfing
7. Place a mechanism in order to remove malicious contents

Now the question is whether these sites or internet power houses can do it? Let us wait and watch the scene of the battle now, as we gear towards February-2-2012, where the battle will begin again. Till then, Sayonara.

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