Advertising Space

Do you get bored in watching commercials in the TV network? Do you think that there might be a different approach to things, rather than a 2-3 minutes break? Do you feel that important programs should be started before? If yes, here is some food for thought.

The most important commercial space lies between 8 PM to 10 PM, with the crest rising at 9 PM. The whole family tends to watch soap operas and other reality shows mostly after the office time around that period. In that case, more advertising seems to be cluttered around 9 PM, with the maximum payers advertising around this time slot.  This allows a congestion of commercials.

The second problem is that there are more commercial spaces in the movie channels. It breaks the concentration of seeing the movies, and the watcher looses interest. There is a need to lay the commercials in such a way that the loss of interest is not there, and the channel switching is avoided.

The third problem is that the time of start of the programs. Now-a-days important programs are relayed 2-10 minutes before the usual slot time. And this is very annoying, if someone misses the period of time without knowing. Especially, this happens in the news hours.

The fourth problem is the content of the commercials. They are not related to the whole gamut of the things that are displayed. People lose interest in watching movies.

Generally they can be handled this way.

Span out the time for commercials. Peak hours should be dedicated to fewer commercials, but associated with the greater revenues. Movie channels should focus on related ads. For e.g., a Hrithik starrer movie should allow preference to a Hrithik commercial first for the bidding of the space. Also, 2-3 minutes can be allowed before the stipulated time of thirty minute slot for a start, not more than that as a start.

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