Value for Mobile VAS

A Mobile VAS is defined as an add-on service to the core-service that might be in the form of non-voice advanced messaging services and wireless data services based on wireless data technologies. Some of the characteristics of VAS are –

  • It does not cannibalize other services
  • It is a add-on to a basic service
  • It adds value to total service
  • It can be a stand-alone service or interoperable

Some of the established VAS to be reckoned in future are-

  • Regional or local based services as audio and video messages, MMS, access to doctors via pre-tuned SMS or MMS clips or just an advice in video in the local language
  • Video Calling at various levels for advice, promotion, information dissipation in many supported languages
  • Mobile TV for viewing programs, operas, reality shows, movies, music
  • Speech Synthesizer or Speech Translator for translating the speech in another geography
  • M-Commerce as Stock Trading, Hotel Booking, Mobile Tickets
  • Mobile-Wallet
  • Segmented Content targeted to specific customers made after tailoring
  • Music Synthesizer in the device for supporting on-the-go support of creation of music
  • Content Aggregators for  directing the content to specific customers

The main problem with VAS is the bandwidth. But, given the adoption of 3G and rolling out of 4G services in India, this VAS can be supported in the longer run. The product has to be launched in the mind of the people for 4-6 weeks before the actual application of VAS comes in the market. The content aggregators are diversified. They need to come to one place. There will be many partners for a telecommunication based VAS application developers. Each with a stake. But, this is for sure that, VAS will drive the major part of the revenues in Mobile Telecommunications in India in the near future. Hence, there is a value for Value Added Services.

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