Mobile Care

Mobile Care: Converging Mobile and Healthcare

Imagine you are at a remote place for a tour, and you have a seizure of epilepsy. Or, let us say there is an emergency need for a doctor. Or, you need reminders of medicines you take. What could be the best possible way to find a solution to this? Kindly read on.

When healthcare services are delivered through mobile, there are many applications in the mobile that come into the picture. Many stakeholders have a distinct use of this mobile. Let us explore this at a different angle.

For Patients

  1. The patients can input a time-table for the medicines in the mobile applications that remind him/her of the time for the dose
  2. Readings for Blood Pressure, Sugar Levels or any other parameters can be an input
  3. SMS or MMS can be designed to allow access to a doctor in phone
  4. Use of certain inputs will lead to a doctor for mobile doctor
  5. Request for medicine can be made from a doctor

For Remote Patients

  1. Emergency call from remote areas in a village will lead to a doctor’s mobile care
  2. Consultation can be done through mobile care at nominal cost
  3. Weekly calls through video chat for telemedicine and mobile care


  1. Electronic Prescription can be used to send to the patients
  2. Digital format of historical analysis of health index can be accessed easily
  3. Analysis of medical transcription and analysis can be done
  4. Mobile Care can help to access the medicines used per day or readings of BP, Sugar etc. to make a away-from-patient analysis
  5. Early diagnosis through Mobile Care

Third parties

  1. Refill requirement of medicines via SMS, MMS
  2. Verification of medical transcripts
  3. Verification of e-records
  4. Medical insurance claims processing
  5. Displaying and analysis of e-transcriptions



Call Centers working on data mapping

  1. Directing level of emergencies to available doctors at the time of emergency
  2. Efficient way of using telemedicine by spanning the bandwidth
  3. Reducing time for emergency calls by proper usage of call handling

Medical Students

  1. E-dictionary for medical terms
  2. Electronic records of previous case history
  3. Cases to study for on-going patients


And hence, we see that the healthcare industry can pivot its needs on the mobile application technology to make Mobile Care truly successful.

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