Prevention is better than cure

We read this proverb when we were young – “Prevention is better than Cure”. What if this application was developed in tangible terms through a mobile application?

Let us imagine this…

We keep records of our day to day activities of our body in a mobile, and this goes for processing after a week’s time. Let us say, that on Wednesday the 5th April, 2012 you found that you had a thirst for water all the day sitting under the air conditioner at home. Or let us say that you felt your heart skipped a beat at night in sleep. You record these small incidents as notes in your mobile handset, and these goes for processing after a week for a normal person. The automatic batch runner picks up the key-words and fetches the probable disease; the notes are again kept under human observation for the prevention of the disease. For small incidents like having body temperature all throughout the evening, the mobile handset may even go further to request you to take medicines, or prescribe them through recorded voices or through mobile doctors.

For a person suffering with a disease, this notes may be within a 3-5 days cycle time. Let us say the sugar level of a person is higher. The notes a person enters for his readings within a week may help him reduce the criticality of the disease, and may definitely extend his life period.

Let us say, there is a developed voice application in the mobile handset, which interacts with the patient and helps him understand the criticality of the situation. He says “, I am feeling a heaviness in my heart”, and the voice notes it down in the mobile handset. Then the voice application asks, “Say 1, if you do need an appointment with a doctor, or Say 2 if you do need an emergency team?” Depending on the choice, the person has an appointment with the doctor he chooses, or an emergency team rushes in. Albeit, this is an alternative to dial ambulance numbers in a mobile that are pre-fed, but there is no harm in keeping both the options open.

Also, let us say, that the Northern Region of India is susceptible to diabetes. In that case text messages, pre-recorded voice communications, Mobile Flash can work in creating the awareness of the region as a free service who register in the hospitals, or through the prescribed TV channel.

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