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For the young guns!


We often talk about how the education system of the Western World is much more effective in the overall growth of the students, and how this has not been replicated yet in our Indian society. We often crib at the task load that creeps up for the young students, even at the age of six or around, and the pressure that is created in the young minds.

Here is some food for thought dedicated to the young minds:

  1. Reduce the burden in the basic school. The basic school (KGs to class III) in the morning shift should cater to the learning basics like English, Maths, and General Knowledge, while evolving the team spirit through proper sports and games. Each of the child psychology should learn to share and care for others. This is the time when you are learning fast, and the activities of the young minds reflect later.


  1. The Middle school (Class IV to Class VII), should cater to the behavioural aspects that make up the personality in the long run. In this assessment, behavioural experts should assess what is the natural psychology of the student, and if it is better to pursue arts, science or commerce in the high school. Different types of the psychological games, should address this point. But the emphasis should always be on English, Maths and GK, in slightly advanced module.


  1. The high school should master on content majorly. This is the time when the students grow to nurture their future aspirations and dreams. The student decides which way to go from there, and hence build up a rational thinking process. But advanced grammar and maths should be emphasized in this aspect, including advanced GK, till class X for non-science students, whereas the science students have advanced Maths.


  1. More emphasis should be on the advanced applications of the subject at the end of the high-school level, even though the questions are objective in nature. A mix of the difficulty should be spread, and just like the few competitive exams on national level post-graduation, there should be three sets of questions – medium, difficult and advanced so that each type of students get their own set, and the results are normalized, according to the difficulty.


  1. Grading and not percentage, is a much better option for the school level. Absolute percentage actually fosters high competition.


  1. There should be at most 3 kinds of entrance exams all over India for meritorious students. IN engineering, I would prefer to say AIEEE, IIT-JEE, and state selection JEE, all of which are autonomous.


  1. Allowances of 1-5 % of special children in the class room, so that they grow their mental aptitude in the natural environment.


  1. Appointment of psychologists in the behavioural classes for middle and high school students.


  1. Making of graduation in normal traditional streams in 4 years rather than 3 years.


  1.  Partial allowance of foreign universities in India, but allowing tie-ups for student exchange.


  1. Professional mentors for top 5% brilliant and identified students, at all times for a proper guidance, including the visit of the motivational lecturers, from time to time.


  1.  Exposure to various clubs in the breaks during summer of Class IX and X from the school, somewhat like the summer camp. Not for class XI and XII where the mind might be distracted.


  1. Professional speakers in every field like doctors, CAs or Engineers to guide the students of Class XI and XII for their dreams through motivational speeches by taking live examples.


  1. The onus should be on the school for making a student creative right from his day one. In that case the students grow up with the freedom to express themselves a lot, and naturally get to know his strengths. This helps in fostering entrepreneurship in place, after a certain period of time. The students grow up thinking outside the box.


  1. Natural growth should be emphasized at the schools rather than mugging or number crunching. This allows the thought process of idea generation get latent.


  1. Right Brain vs. the Left Brain – Exercises at the school level should be done by teachers that simulate both the brains. Puzzle solving competition, drawing competition, debating, all should be a part of the curriculum.


  1. Everybody talks of the mental strength, but none talks of the physical stamina. Some of the sports should attune to these aspects also, like sports and games in reserved periods.


  1. If necessary, double promotion should be allowed at the lower stages of the school. This is again to normalize the growth of the minds of the students.


  1. The students should evolve with the games of their own, like simulating a business, or a law school. Solving a small and distinct case, and so on. This is to give a flow to natural thinking, even though the thoughts generated are random.


  1. Expose as much as in school. Given the time the children spend with their parents is  less, the maximum impact should be through schools.


Let us wait for a better tomorrow!

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