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The Big Data

Of late, there has been a conclave that the data generated from the users play a significant role in determining consumer behavior, predictability and relationship strength, especially in the area of the mobile or the telecommunication sector.

Here is some food for thought which analytics may help in this industry:

  1. Predict the usage, behavior, spending habits, rates, product migration, loyalty and customer profitability to understand consumer pattern
  2.  Turn the interest and passion to a revenue generating option for the customers
  3. Predict the time and length of the talk-time during the peak periods, to understand the capacity utilization of the bandwidth given
  4. Divide the consumers into data buckets based on features like age, sex, demographics, income, earning capacity, relationship strength, switching cost, type of plan, social economics, and target the m-commerce towards that
  5. Incremental advertising, meaning an add-on service advertisement on top of the existing one
  6. Drop in calls in the IVR can be analyzed to make the revenue lost vis-à-vis revenue gained, without increasing the number of agents. Analytics  help in segregating the consumer class as Class A, B, C, or D depending on the importance of the  call, based on priority and the features mentioned above
  7. Defining the time for pesky calls in the IVR system via historical analysis, and to help in the bandwidth utilization towards a better efficient usage of bandwidth
  8. Fitting the bell curve- The use of analytics can help in identifying the target bucket for which the specific ads or commercials can be addressed to  a group or clusters of the consumers, once established via the BI engine
  9.  Connect the dots- By removing outliers, a convenient curve can be drawn to fit the usage of the Telcos
  10. Lastly, through churning, analytics can also detect misuse of the SIM, forthcoming rush in the new connection and re-connection, peak load time, capacity utilization, and help in eradicating several problems associated with counting subscriber base, billing system, accuracy of the data, and pre-paid complexity

“Trust my story; I am not here just to tell you a story, but help you work as my detective to find out an artifact of my hidden and underlying story” … The Big Data.


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