A change in the retail space

An eco-system in the Retail Industry

Let us consider a value proposition here.

A consumer orders some items from a network connected retail shop through his hand held smartphone or PDA or gadget. The items gets stored in the wish list of the customer profile from the retail shop side, and the due delivery date is also stored. The persons from the shop deliver the goods at the designated place or home of the customer or the consumer in lieu of some charges. The money transacts through a pre-paid system of cash storing mechanism, linked to a part of the bank account which is divided according to the needs for bill payments for the customer or consumer.

In this story, the major stake holder matrix is shown below.


So, we see that there is a win-win situation for most of the stakeholders.

This idea can be a pilot project in the countries where the population is aging and there is a need to work on the delivery mechanism in lieu of a few currencies. The biggest challenge might come from the convergence of mobile Telcos and banks, where the people will have to accept the idea of prevention of frauds and other loop holes.

How to integrate a bank account for a pre-paid mechanism with a retail shop is the question vis-à-vis NFC or mobile wallet. NFC might be a game changer at this point of time, no doubt, but this idea will definitely save an aging population in a country.

Another way will be a mobile debit/ credit instrument- which means that a debit/ credit card can be used to swipe in the instrument without any moving constraints. It is just like another handheld device.

Or, can we devise a mechanism that allows an application in a PDA or smart phone to order groceries automatically to the retail shops, by calculating the amount of groceries that has been used over time, which is again pre-fed into the application in the device?

Or is it possible that a device is made that adjusts with the wi-fi in the fridge, and automatically calculates the need of the groceries based on the weight of groceries in the fridge, and the volume seeking rays calculating the amount of groceries per type coming out from the fridge to order the need to the retail shops?

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