Total Re-Call

Compilation of the Survey

Here is the compilation of the brand re-call of the banks based in India depending on various parameters. HDFC, ICICI and SBI leads the pack, but we see different anomalies across sectors in the whole of India. The survey comprises of top 16 banks operating in India in the retail banking segment. The compilation was done in the year 2012 in the last week on September.

The sample size = 20, Male Respondents = 14, Female Respondents = 6, Total number of respondents inside India = 19, Total number of NRIs based in India = 1.

A sample survey sheet is shown here:

Sample Survey

A lot of comprehension can be made through this results. It is yet surprising that these banks vary in various degree and qualities across the nation, including brand recall and operations. The most important factor was the requirement of the internet and online mechanism that reduces the human effort from the side of the customers.

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