Why do I prefer KFC?

Yes Sir, what would you like to have today?

Last Tuesday, the 26th of February, 2013, I had the chance of talking to one of the assistant managers of KFC in MG Road, Gurgaon, Haryana, India. I had the privilege of seeing the inner part of the outlet where both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items were slowly cooked and kept at a place.

I have been going to this outlet very often since January 2013, and I had the chance to observe a few things:

  1. Vegetarian food was introduced for some people like Veg Snacker, Veg Jinger,  Veg Zingkon, Veg Rizo Meal, Corn on the cob. But the question is how can KFC cater to the larger vegetarian mass, without losing on its core product which is mainly based on chicken?
  2. Some verbally challenged persons have been working as a staff since the last month; which I believe is a great extension of help towards a few people. This is a initiative or a best practice that any one can follow.
  3. A recipe of chicken – curry chicken was introduced in the menu last November, but I guess that it has failed to capture the heart of the people in this area. Probably, the southern provinces would have enjoyed it more than often.
  4. People grab a quick-meal from office here. Many persons that I see here have suits adorned in this place.
  5. Customer Service has improved very much. People who can smile from their heart have actually been taking orders. A smile can make a day after a hard day’s work. Also, there has been a presence of two people helping to open the main entrance of KFC.
  6. The staff of KFC has been helping the elderly persons serve the meal to their seats, which again is a very good gesture.
  7. KFC takes a lot of care for cleanliness. Even this outlet, which is a franchise, has very less variation in the finished food products or items. Even if it is there, it is fully marginal, especially the crispness of the product.
  8. I wonder why KFC does not introduce the “tangy tomato fiery chicken” with a tomato flavour. Try new product variations and see the difference in the localized area.
  9. The chicken is sourced from an Indian company which has its own farm. This is a good idea which many of the Indians do not know. They believe that the recipe do come from the outside as well as the sourcing of the chicken. This will have a clear picture of freshness in the mind set of the customer for cleanliness and mainly freshness.
  10. How about adding a veg snack to a chicken meal in KFC. This is a good way to promote the veg food items in the menu.

In fact, I believe that a lot of things can be done in KFC. Forget the red ocean strategy, people do like to prefer KFC over certain other places for a quick grab. And so do I.

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