Ten Leadership Skills that need to be groomed

Why does it take 3-4 years for an attitude training?

We have this clear by now. If you feel that you have the capacity and capability to lead a group one day, while you fall short of grooming; you should really be focused to develop a few things:

  1. 1.       Soft Skills and Hard Skills- Soft skills do not come in a day. To say the right thing to the right people at the right moment of time at the right place requires a lot of understanding. One can be a best person developed in 1-2-1 interaction, but a group dynamics takes time to develop. A professor of the group may have a plethora of ideas, but to carry forward and give a distinct shape to execution is a different task. A time-keeper of the group may be from the quality control side, but for a better ideas and execution, he has to develop.  Albeit, initial few years in studies should be spend in building hard skills only. The rest of the time should utilize this platform to surge ahead with building soft-skills.


  1. 2.       Aptitude and Attitude- Ask the person who strums guitar in a bar on Saturday nights even being a CEO of a company just to learn the art of attitude. Ask the young baby-sitter who takes care of the infant throwing tantrums, and the aptitude of care she develops after that. Ask the gardener, who ploughs soil day-in and day-out only to know that one day his shrub may just not bear fruit as expected due to seasonal variations.



  1. 3.       Adjustment to circumstances- This is the biggest challenge. Adjusting to the crests and troughs of life will and woes require seasoned maturity. It does not come within a short span of time.  Put one self in the wearer shoes and one can actually try to understand why someone is behaving like this. It is not the ulterior motive that lurks ahead, but his overall current status of mind, personality, adversities, circumstances, and image- be it self or group.


  1. 4.       Capacity and Capability building- Just stick to 3 or 4 sides of a facet, and a profession is good enough in honing the rest of your skills. One is not born to be a leader, one may have the best qualities inborn in him, but it takes some constant effort from the master and the disciple to understand the reason for grooming, which should never be stated.



  1. 5.       People understanding skills- This is the crux of the leading ground. One may have good notes in financial abilities, but it takes some good ample of time for a person to appreciate operations also. The best part comes when you are not biased in the run. Opening your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit will endow yourself the capacity to understand a human faster, albeit the Type V Leader also opens the last two facets for a better understanding.


  1. 6.       The negative side of emotions- This should be dealt with humour and care, be it self-inflicted or transmitting via a group.  To stay positive, one must always be aware of his strengths and weaknesses. The negative side of the emotions are the ones that people generally try to hide, but it should be displayed in a non-ornamental manner so that one can understand its ration de atre.  It is hence very important that people display their negative side of emotions in conversations. Sometimes the resultant bonding factor is very huge and dynamic.



  1. 7.       Dynamics and statics of group- The statics of a group is the 1-2-1 conversation leading to. It is bounded as the maturity curve gets to unfold many fold during it. But the real test comes when you are handling the peak of the group dynamics, basically the game changer, who does not apply rules some times to the dynamics. History teaches us to conceptualize the people who support us first, and then moving to people who do not support it vehemently. But this is a minor thought. Group dynamics does not evolve this way, where people do not have the free gesture to say and are bounded by limits. It should start from the people who do not support a cause and yet should be the ones who are put to the debate first.


  1. 8.       Contingency Planning- A person should always be ready to meet contingents. This is the natural trait of a leader to foresee things that may not be in order at first, yet is within his expected norms. A training of a young gun should focus on this. The more is the contingency planning, the more is the ability to work towards the unknown factors.



  1. 9.       Learning aptitude and leading aptitude- Learning stops- and hence the virtue circle stops. People start moving towards the vicious circle of self-conceitedness. This is the beginning of the end. Even a small boy can teach you a myriad of things. It is to learn the lessons of life that one has to understand Why, What, When, Where, How, of things.


  1. 10.   Execution ability- Last, but not the least is the execution ability. He is like the delivery person of a group that works on presenting the better in the best format to the clients. And that is why I say, that management consulting firms are the best judge of the people that they want to groom under different circumstances, because the end product that they achieve is high in energy, high in execution, which always puts the foot-soldier to the dash board mathematics, for they are the front liners.


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