A draft for proposal for a bank

The dawn of a new era

With my research and observations, with all the persons that I have talked to regarding the brand-recall of the banks in India, I am taking a case study of one of a bank (with an anonymous name, of course); and I found that people do not prefer to come to banks physically for any kind of work. Phone calls, online engagements and advisers at home are just the start of the dawn of this new-era. In this light I am sharing a perspective of mine that might help a bank to some extent. Happy Reading!

An XYZ Bank

2 thoughts on “A draft for proposal for a bank

  1. The reality check is that how many HDFC employees and not consumers have used IVR based Phone banking to understand the painful process. Does HDFC and other Banks conduct Usability testing of their customer support process ?

  2. @ RK Dhanvada: That is a great question Sir! Not just HDFC Bank, but I guess that not many bank employees actually used their own systems for a reality check. I am sure that there must be a way to design an IVR system. I am going to address the concerns of an IVR system design in the next forthcoming articles. Thank you for commenting.

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