When we start looking inside us

Of the truth, by the truth, and for the truth only

If we have our own house in order, it is only then we can help others. I have seen and felt that in my closely knitted community in childhood. This is even true for the macro world. When the Big Brother sneezed due to cold in 2008, the flat world turned flatter with cold too. All of us caught cold except a few friends. Now let us date back into history.

The 4 united islands of a small brother tried to strike a cordial relationship by raising its head as an alternate currency, and so is the union of friends and look what has happened. One of them was fighting for survival in 1990s, and the other is bleeding with a sore in its leg. This is our world. The parochial as we see it. This is for the world for them who are singular by nature, but not us.

History has taught us to be patient and calm at all circumstances. We respect our friends as well as our not-so-good-friends. Not able to open a bank in India for a bank U from the Union means that we are strictly strict on honesty. All of us just know how to crib and misjudge politicians in India and abroad without even thinking that the effort that they see in blood and tears to bring happiness all around in our homes. The amount of thinking that goes into the minds of people is just humongous. Not just them, but please look at those ethical companies, who can shed people but not their ethical values- companies that have run for more than 30 years in India. We must realize that at every step, we are maturing!

All of us face this: 1. Fight for love 2. Fight for money 3. Fight for knowledge 4. Fight for rights 5. Fight for popularity 6. Fight for Power 7. Fight for a cause 8. Fight for a belief 9. Fight for a society and the world. At some times or the other, if we have not passed through any of these tests and succeeded, we do not know the emotions that go through the normal people. You cannot connect just by connection, it has to come from the heart, and the heart has always to be connected to mind. Thinking of great leaders, they will always fight for the last three points- a vision and that is why people praise them. Behold, I am not batting for Mr. RG who seems to carry of not so mature tag line in his devoted work, or for Mr. NM who seems to carry a not so secular tag line perennially with all his dedicated efforts. People should understand which person they need at what time.  I am not betting for any political change or not, but if my words just reach people who seem to criticize others after not understanding a cause or nation, please do not exercise your adult franchise!

I am seem a bit harsh here, but I have been through those stages, where I have seen people of all strata and leaders from all fronts giving time to me. My only requests to my readers so far, please look within you. If you are right, if you put your house in order, if you put your community in order, the world will be a better place to live in.

Coming back, I have been to the Big Brother’s land, and let me tell you- they know how to greet other people with utmost courtesy and respect. They are by far tolerant and helpful, and see the mature side of the things quickly. That is definitely one lesson that I have learnt so far.

Talking about the turmoil in the stock markets, we are not insulated from the world. Indian economy is growing, inflation is curbed, the year 2008 was not a bad year at all compared to the rest of the world. We are doing well enough, it is just a matter of time that stocks will rise again in 3-4 week’s timeline. Now, then will that be good or bad. Only you have to tell me. You can also tell me whether a normal Indian lad needs education in financial discipline and budgeting right from school? You can also tell me whether the fluctuating dollar price is also the root of fluctuating oil-prices or not? You will have to tell me, whether the government has a group of think-tanks that always tick around the day and night with their tickling brains? You have to tell me how India has changed in the last 15 years as a whole? You have to tell me how transparency has evolved over the years through RTI and RTA? You have to tell me whether India is rapidly evolving or not? You have to tell me whether we should be patient at things for a change or not?

The answer definitely lies within you….. Find it now!

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