The war of the two worlds

Is it better to be crazy and happy or cool and urban?

Indeed, Pepsi had a rough summer. I believe that  image advertising actually does not help Pepsi Co. India that much as expected over time. Understanding the pulse of the nation of India as a whole by exhibiting a greater impact through brand marketing, is the need of the hour. Here is some food for thought as I see:

  1. Capture Technology: Application can be built in gadgets and gizmos to capture the pulse of the nation. It will indicate the best Pepsi products in the application, and after a level is reached in a game, the person can exchange a product against his level attained in the game.
  2. Classes among the masses: The announcement of a capability to dine with a celebrity man or a woman of his/ her choice after a Pepsi Co Loyalty Program is endorsed, and certain rules are followed.
  3. Story Time: Use of a story in Pepsi-ads where people can write a story to reflect the bonding they share in their family or friends with Pepsi Co products.
  4. Enter Social Media: A totally customer/ user made ad in you tube as a marketing campaign.
  5. Other Flavours: Do the Tier II and Tier III cities have an interest to take non-aerated drinks in lieu of natural juices?
  6. CRM Please: A small dedicated CRM tool in the retail outlets for distributors to understand the psyche of the customers on their brand loyalty. Personally, I prefer Coke to Pepsi.
  7. Contests: Given the exchange rates not on our side at this point of time, many people are saving costs. Will Pepsi Co introduce a way to allow persons winning in Pepsi Contest to travel abroad?
  8. Digital Markets: Pepsi Co can improvise on their digital marketing schemes to allow the customers get a greater view of the products.
  9. Push vs. Pull: Can Pepsi Co. push the products during and before the peak time as festivals, summer and work on pull strategy for the rest of the season.
  10. Advertising: Pepsi should maintain the status-quo for the highest growth in Dew in ad, while thinking about two different ads at two different timelines in the day.
  11. Connect to the masses, do not forget the classes: Connecting events like IPL with the masses, building on special events by brand endorsements.
  12. New Product Launch: Atom needs to grow. There may not be any need for Pepsi Co. to launch a new product before the next year.
  13. Innovate to Live: Every day some amount of spending has to go to the R&D Department for product variations. Personally, I believe that all the products of Pepsi have flat taste.
  14. Go Green: New initiatives by considering NGOs, going green, steps to enhance water table, environment friendly machines, new initiatives on CSR can enhance image.
  15. Tier II and III matter: Thumps Up have catered to the local taste by introducing the adventure sports campaign, which keeps it slightly higher than other products in Pepsi.

Can Pepsi Co. India gain ground again? Let us see.

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