Of our Gods, and our reverence

How do the culture associate with our reverence

In a country full of diversity, our culture is defined by certain parameters. The main points among them being food habits, attire, music, creativity, work ethics, process orientation, nature of humor, valiant displays, affection towards spouse and children, and most important being the reverence to God.

I am going to address one of the aspects here, and perhaps the most important one.

I had the opportunity to cover all the major cities in the Southern Part of India for my work. I was too young to ascertain too many things at the same time, but the proximity of certain persons to the Lord Shiva himself made certain aspects visible. Like the Lord himself, some people actually have a strong affinity to learning and knowledge leading to wisdom and power. These reflected in the roar of powerful words; the people would actually perform day-in and day-out silently and without fail. Nearly zero percentage downtime. Like the Lord himself, as an epitome to success, people in some parts of this region would definitely find a strong sense of powerful humor and process redesign. Finest architects, best logical brains, and powerful words have emanated from this region without doubt. The architecture marvel of the Temples and the Churches say it all.

Enter North. Golden Temple, Punjab. I had the chance to see a marvel during Holi 2013. I witnessed the facts that why some people actually have a thought to serve others to the fullest. Why some people consider equality among all the ranks with a benevolent thinking. When I entered the gates of the Temple for the first time, I was inspired to drink the water from the gates where people have washed their feet. I felt happy to see people doing sewa for a long time without any wishful thinking. That is the service to God and mankind.

Let us fetch East now. Kolkata- the city of Joy, where people seem to carry a sly sense of humour and long for power and pratipatti, owing to their reverence to the Goddess of Power –  Maa Durga. People have a reverence of people with power and might, and all throughout their lives they search for prosperity or power or both. Nothing wrong in that- it is just the way that they associate themselves with a specific God. Culture and association made them so.

Enter Maharashtra. The land bestowed with the faith and abundance of Lord Ganapati. People believe in abundance, in luck and prosperity. Their style and sense of humour reflects the simplicity and well-being of others. “Be rich and make others rich; let us live together”.

Lastlly, Jai Bajrangbali. The Land of Sankatmochan. Some people seem to carry a whacky sense of humour, without seeming to know their own power and might that they have always carried inside. Benevolent service to others. Being simple, kind and always helping.

The reasoning is simple. It does not matter where or which part of India you belong to, but it definitely matters which God you associate with since childhood. Be it the Goddess of Wealth, Goddess of Power, or the Lord of Lords himself; each association is actually a driving force behind the culture and culture change. To say, even my Christian brother or my Mohammaden friend would have the same cultural association as their place would need. Sunday gatherings, Thanksgiving Day, or even Christmas, have a different meaning. Or, even Eid-ul-Fitr. Each religion that you follow actually unknowingly or knowingly transform your mind, and the way you think. And hence, knowing and accommodating thoughts of different places and culture and religion only allows the  thoughts to be percolated to allow patience, virtues and empathy to trickle down to unknown places of your mind.

So, keep visiting places, keep knowing people from the other places and religion, tolerance will increase. It will help you build yourselves along with others, while being proud of the achievements of others at the same time. India is one single unified land- it is pro-development, not any pro-religion or any pro-sect.

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