My Name is Panacea

Case Study: For an ABC company

We have built the organization ABC, we have filled each of the boxes, but the daily output of the team and progress of the company is just a fraction of what was envisioned. People seem to believe that they work for the same day, and some believe that they are overworked. How do we solve this paradox?

The answer lies in both external and internal components. Some of the components covered are:

  1. HR Policies

1.1 Define rotation of work to introduce the TQ or “Tangy Quotient” at work

1.2 Give tough tasks to high skilled people based on their performance levels

1.3 Normalize work according to the talent on the amount of learning a person does

1.4 Introduce Gel points- Introduce a girl in the team as this is a cohesive bond factor- many companies have a ratio of gents to ladies as7:3 which is almost ideal


  1. Administration

2.1 Lending ear to the voices for even small and petty matters

2.2 Meeting for the thought leaders who really want to contribute and showcase their talents

2.3 Leadership style suiting different people should be administered

2.4 Hire the right manager who can help the balanced approach

2.5 If the employee satisfaction is too low, new HR head can come in for renovation

2.6 Project specific HR is mandatory including the group HR


  1. Incentives

3.1 Incremental salaries based on performance

3.2Rewards based on the normalized performance

3.3 Life outside work- an annual party with a family, a small gift, or a small token of money


  1. Management Ways

4.1 Team meeting for an open door policy always helps to eradicate problems in the nip of the bud

4.2 Resources optimally used- not overburdened; loading factor should always be 75-80%

4.3 Get excited, involve and evolve with the junior persons


  1. Social Analytics

5.1 Segregate into better/ best/ good/ excellent type of skilled workers first

5.2 Group tasks based on work and outside activities

6.   Coaching and Mentoring

6.1 Coaching and mentoring is a perennial condition

6.2   Celebrating small solutions to the challenges is always of utmost condition


7. Sweat more in the practice

7.1 Training business acumen through proper analysis

7.2 Tickle minds and urge to perform 10% more and more every time

7.3 (0.999)365 = 3%, while (1.111)365 = 3700%. So, even a 10% extra efforts in a day out of 365 days lend you a better result.


This will to some extent help the aspiring company ABC to work on its associates/ resources for a better understanding of their energy levels, and the adrenalin factor.

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