Travelogue 2: BBS to NDLS: How can I book a ticket online?


Sometimes, it is very difficult to book a ticket online through IRCTC. Some key factors which can help IRCTC in the long run are:

  1. Cost Cutting – If the passengers in the train are supplied a lesser amount of butter, the wastage of butter can be saved. Similarly, for the ketchup, sugar and coffee. Can we save here?
  2. High Speed Trains and their investment – What if we incurred debts and took time to recover it? What if infrastructure needed more time to come to have the tipping point?  
  3. ROI of high-speed corridor – What could be the pricing pattern of the tickets for high-speed corridor? Would half the price of the aerial route served as an incentive to the passengers?
  4. IRCTC light – What if the lighter version of the server was used in peak time of ticketing?
  5. IRCTC Load Factor – What if the unnecessary load of the page did not download in time?
  6. IRCTC Channel Partners – What if channel partners like, or even had different servers connected to IRCTC?
  7. Pre-paid Cards – What if pre-denominated cards were in place for travelling in the journey? Or between stations? Or for booking as well.
  8. Switching stations – It could be easier if the TT had electronic update of the ticket fed into the common server, that would allow a confirmation of the ticket, and a back ground check at the same time. Can that be possible?
  9. Confirmation of the ticket- What if waiting list passengers were auto-upgraded to Tatkal tickets after Tatkal tickets had a space to accommodate?
  10. Use of gadgets – What if the mobiles were used to run IRCTC applications that allowed easy access to IRCTC- booking, reservation and cancellation? And the wi-fi of the train confirmed your entry in the train via an NFC swipe? What if just a small use of touch-and-go would cancel your ticket using a gadget?


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