Food for Change- Dedicated to the people in the BPL segment

Alleviating the people below poverty line

Around 1 in 4 in the world are from the deprived social segment. Here is some food for thought for alleviating people below poverty line:

1. Although it might be taken with a pinch of salt, can the accounts in PMJDY or Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna be linked with an indicator to connect people in the BPL Line?
2. Can a part of the corporate sending be used in CSR activities along with
not-for-profit segment which will address low-cost manufacturing for the BPL segment?
3. Can the CSR activities be partially inclined towards
the spending for basic amenities like food, water, clothes and shelter?
Can corporate identities adopt a village or a tehsil for poverty alleviation?
Can one MP adopt a village or tehsil for development?
Can a part of the CSR spendings be directed towards the low-priced models, targeting rural and the low-income group?
Can this low-cost or not-for-profit model earn sustainable income to regenerate the resources in the system?
Can the house-holds or restaurant use left-overs of food, clothes or water to be directed for daan to the BPL segment?
Can the Government be really able to fulfill the “House for all” by 2025?
Can we have reserved schools, colleges, universities and hospitals set up in the rural areas for a particular segment?

Success stories definitely need attention.

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