What if backward integration for farming takes place

Farming in the 21st Century

Let us take the story of an average farmer in India.

An average farmer tills, sows, nurtures, grows, and reaps the crop in his area. He gets the return from his mandi or middleman for his crops where he goes for selling his harvest. Look at this at a different angle. What happens if the farmer just does all these functions till the level of harvest only? And the GoI partnered body or sanstha does the crop harvesting after paying the dues for the farmers!

This will help the farmers in these ways:

1. Less crop damage
2. Core work of farming only done
3. No tension of the farmer after crops are mature for harvesting
4. The cycle of harvesting helps in growing alternative crops
5. Saahi Daam for the farmers who can be guided by the sansthas

This can also help in the creation of cold chain or cold storage across the country.

Can this be done as a part of exercise of helping our real heroes?

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