On Affordable housing scheme in India

Affordable Housing Scheme

Ever imagined about the low cost housing for the deprived and for the BPL segment? If only investments ran into affordable housing, the economics of the government expenditure would incur costs only. To provide an entire ecosystem, let us try to understand the nitty-gritty of the affordable housing-

  1. The main stakeholders are central government, state government, SBI, Bandhan Bank, IKEA, Low-cost manufacturing industries, and the members of the BPL segment.
  2. The first question is of custody, then ownership. The affordable housing scheme would require mandatory laws to take an affordable home under custody for 4-5 years, after which there would be a transfer of ownership to the occupants.
  3. IIT Madras can be funded for this project from the GoI. IKEA is researching on the low cost housing material that can be used to make an affordable house, based on pre-fab material.
  4. To sustain an entire ecosystem, there would be a revenue generating model through the PPP partnership. Coming to the stakeholders, Bandhan Bank would provide the necessary training to the women in self-help groups, via funding from the central Government and the state government and through SBI.
  5. BPL Segment, Beggars, Slum Dwellers, MGNREGA benefitters, all of them will be the primary stakeholders.
  6. The PPP model would ensure that the rural development scheme generates enough clout to run the entire ecosystem via regenerative income produced from the self-help groups of women.
  7. For the modus operandi, let us assume that there is a 10,000 crore funding from the SBI and Bandhan Bank to the self-help groups. The money generated from the business goes back to the system for further funding in the ratio 40:40:20, where 40% goes to the bank, 40% goes to the Government (both state and central), and 20% to the dwellers.

Sample of the work in progress can be found  here as a pdf_sample.

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