Protocol of the day

Project Management Tips

Here are a few routine steps that a project team can take-

  1. Managing small and effective team members is a better option than managing a large team. The optimal capacity of a person to manage is 8-10 people. When you manage 10 people, and they manage 10 people, you are effectively a team member of 111 people.
  2. In project management, it is important to be prudent and observant, and to lead a balanced emotion. To drag any trigger of emotions created in a day to the next day is toxic. Every day is a new day, start fresh.
  3. A daily stand-up meeting at the start of the day infuses the energy and inspiration of the team leader. Planning the day during the daily stand-ups and reviewing it at the end of the day is a necessary ritual.
  4. A log sheet is a necessary tool to keep track of the daily task at hand. The amount of work-hours logged in a sheet can be reflective of the number of unnecessary and productive work-hours for a day for later analysis.
  5. Sitting up with the team to discuss their issues and concerns can be a regular exercise. This can range from technical issues, interpersonal skills & project management issues. This can be on a regular basis or on an ad-hoc basis.
  6. Open & honest feedback to the team members on a positive note in the team is needed for mature team members. This can enhance creative & constructive criticism.
  7. To create a plan, there has to be a base level understanding of the planning in future, with a desired pull factor. There can be a balance between a push and pull factor- too much pressure or too much expectation can lower the momentum.
  8. It is a good wisdom not to discourage openly. Maintaining high energy levels throughout the day is necessary. Channelizing energy throughout the day is necessary for optimal performance.
  9. It is a good exercise to establish one protocol a day that can be uniform throughout the length of the project. Establishing & maintaining protocols is necessary when there are further scope of improvement in project processes and protocols. A new line of error can introduce the protocol.
  10. A review meeting at the end of the day is needed to end on a small success note. Review meeting can include the major tasks accomplished throughout the day, learning of the day & small success notes.

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