The AI Engine

Self –Replicating Algorithm

The AI engine is very different from a normal, heuristic and self-replicating algorithm. It takes inputs from the audio, video, visual, speech, hearing, electrical impulses and replicates for patterns. Key word density is a factor for search.

One keyword is given for an entry in the AI engine. It collects and draws patterns from the system and meta-tags them. With a single key word search, the order of preference of indexing is meta-tagged and stored in contiguous indexed searches, with the preference being given to the best search that matches every parameter.

The system self replicates every time to create patterns by suggesting keywords in idle time. A key search opens up vistas for further fine-tuning algorithms. Meta-tagging, indexing, scrolling, memory associations, keyword density patterns, self-replication, auto-adjusting of parameters can fine tune a search engine algorithm.


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