Of young Turks and their right brain syndrome

Right to intellectual property- Can it be a fundamental right?

If every school in and around any metro city had a special class where various ideas were discussed regarding issues and concepts of technology, finance, literature, arts, drama et al, and their ideas were patented and discussed in the class, then the indentation of intellectual property and patenting would have created a special cell in school where various thoughts would have formed. The children at a very young age would have free-flown ideas and discussed them.

Fine arts, performing arts, liberal arts with music and drama would have been an extended period in a school, and so are games and sports. The curriculum can be twisted in favour of practical and specific classes with a generic growth that could be taken to expose students at a very young age. Apart from the regular coursework, a few periods could be devoted to various methods of learning as well.

Competitive spirit needs to grow mildly. A very young student can get aggressive at a very young age from school, if this spirit is not properly harnessed. A young Turk can also work on basic numbers and calculations right from their primary school. The creative mind can be explored to greater details. Exercises on the right brain can be a great factor of change at a young age. Building blocks, drawing, and arithmetic can be a base for exploring ideas and thoughts.



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