And my subscription charges are …

Subscription Model for subscribers

There can be various types of subscription models based on intellectual assets. Some of them are-

  1. Free Subscription Model– Everything is free in this subscription. No charges are levied.
  2. Freemium Model– Only basic charges are done, and higher pricing is kept for premium assets.
  3. Pay-as-you-go Model– The subscriber pays in the run, for selective assets.
  4. Secured Model– Certain time sensitive and data sensitive intellectual assets can be a secured model. Such assets can be of digital value.
  5. Premium Model– The charges are on the higher side, with a higher subscription fee.
  6. Pay-Block Model– An initial payment is done to block an intellectual asset, and use the asset for a certain period of time.
  7. 6-hour subscription Model– The digital asset can be used and read only for a timeline associated with the subscription fees.
  8. Minimum Service Model– Only a basic charge is made to request service from a model.
  9. University/ Group/ Corporation Model– A collaborative group works in tandem for this model, where corporations and universities collaborate for creating an asset.
  10. Individual Model– Individual subscription fees are required for this model, where the users are individuals.

There can be various subscription types and charges as well. A figurative figure associated can also be used for certain or all or selective digital assets. Some of them are-

  1. Annual Subscription– This is based on annual charges. Let us say USD 199.
  2. Quarterly Subscription– A quarterly charge is made. Let us say USD 99.
  3. Monthly Subscription– A monthly charge is taken. Let us say USD 49.
  4. Weekly Subscription– A weekly charge remains as subscription fees. Let us say USD 9.
  5. Life time subscription Model– A premium is charged based on life time subscription model. Let us say USD 499.

Subscription fee based models are-

  1. 1-day usage model– The intellectual asset is open only for one day, and the subscription is based on that.
  2. 6-month usage model– The intellectual asset can be used with permission with a term of 6months.
  3. 1-year subscription model– The subscription depends on the usage for 1-year.
  4. 2-year subscription model– The intellectual asset can be based on 2 year subscription.
  5. Life time model– A charge can be used to access the digital asset for a lifetime.

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