The intrinsic value of an IAS Officer

The life of a sarkari investment banker

An investment banker works for 12-16 hours a day at crunch situations. The bonus earned, depends on the deals closed. Sometimes, it is a life time bonus. The starting salary in USD terms is 120,000 USD per annum. An investment banker can work on 2-5 projects a day.

Take this as a greater opportunity. The sarkari investment banker works for 12-14 hours a day, on a normal routine. The sarkari  investment banker starts with 5-6 lakhs per annum per year, without any project bonus, and solves 20-30 issues a day on an average. The project bonus is almost nil.

Here is some food for thought for sarkari investment bankers-

  1. Can there be a provision of a project bonus at 10% profits disbursed to the whole team?
  2. Can there be a provision of a project deal of 5% for the initial project seeding?
  3. Can there be an extra incentive for extra profits?
  4. Can there be a promotion transparency with a 360 degree feedback?
  5. Can pet projects earn a few pat on the shoulders in terms of disbursed amount?
  6. Can the office timings be limited from 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM?
  7. Can there be any open door policy during the evening of the day?
  8. Can there be a weight attached especially to specific development projects?
  9. Can there be a service norm that if an IAS/ IPS/ IRS officer serves the Indian Government for 2 years, he or she can avail a sabbatical of maximum 3 years?
  10. Can there be a service norm that if an IAS/ IPS/ IRS officer serves the Indian Government for 5 years, he or she can work for 5 years outside the Indian Government, and come back?
  11. Can there be a lateral entry of industry experts in the Government as lateral IAS/ experts?
  12. Can financial audits be a 2-way system for maintenance of ledger in normal book-keeping and Tally in an advanced version?
  13. How can whistle blowers be protected from corrupt politicians, both legally and physically?
  14. How can we maintain secrecy and transparency in the selection of a Chief Secretary?
  15. Can anyone serving for 15-20 years on a single project be eligible for an entry in the Cabinet as a secretary?

No one is eligible directly, but work ethics remain the same.

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