Financing through JICA, ADB and corporate bond investments

On North East Projects

  1. Oil Drill- There are a plenty of natural resources untapped in the North-East.
  2. NSDC- Specific projects in the North-East can enhance co-operation in the National Skill Development Mission.
  3. LBA- Projects around Bangladesh based on the land border agreement can be very supportive.
  4. Specific North East Quota in the defence forces- A North-East paramilitary force can be a good investment.
  5. Study Quota in North East- There can be a separate engineering and medical entrance for the North-East candidates.
  6. AIIMS and IIT in the seven North East states- Only one IIT in the seven North-Eastern states can be a detriment to the development. An AIIMS in Tripura would be an ideal scenario.
  7. Infrastructure projects and financing projects- Lot of infrastructure projects can be worked on specific regions.
  8. Tourism and development- Given the co-operation in the North-East, a separate tourism can be a top-up in the natural beauties.
  9. Socio-economic projects- Changing the mindset can be a great wish for specific socio-economic projects.
  10. Better representation in the Indian Parliament- The people from the North East can represent more in the Indian Parliament.

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