Game Theory Application in Pharma Industry

Game Theory is used to apply to various trade-offs meant for settling choices. The pharma industry can apply a game theory to various processes of research, with respect to the pharmaceutical product. Here is a glimpse of a report for application of a 3-D Matrix. I have the ownership of the full report. Game_Theory_Pharma  

New business models in micro finance

The traditional micro finance is  a brain-child of Professor Muhammad Yunus at University of Chittagong, which started in 1976. Professor Yunus launched a research project to study the design of credit delivery system to provide banking to the rural poor. A lot has evolved since 1976. This is a glimpse of the report that I had created on micro finance. It entails various business models on micro finance. Kindly have a look. Report on microfinance- Business Models

To my alma mater

A matter of brazen love and unspoken glory, with an unlead fury  It was the summer of 2006. I had landed in Pittsburgh, USA on May 7, 2006 for my studies in Heinz School in Carnegie Mellon University. Life was fun. It was a start of a journey, which eventually turned me to a writer. A small incident of matching of eyes, and a few encounters turned me to a poet. Seriousness apart, I still galore those precious moments I had enjoyed in my days of youth and glory. It is imperative that you fall in love at any or…

Turning a new wheel on bonds

What are Electoral Bonds? This is an interesting concept regarding electoral bonds. A donor can donate a political party, funding without any provisions. The amount can be deposited in the bank in lieu of bonds without any interest. Here is some food for thought. It is a kind of a Promissory Note with an amount and date specified for the maturity date. Let us say, an individual ‘A’ donates INR 2,000 through a bond, which can mature in the future period. Then, with interest free bonds, the amount can be deposited at that maturity date. The transactions are made through…