Macbeth and the three witches of EU

European Union

England is in a dilemma that many countries inside the EU are facing now. Will EU survive the trade deals? Or will Germany and France put an anchor to an individual British innings? Kindly read on!

  1. Cold War and the creation of the Eastern Bloc was an impediment factor to the immigrants to move to Germany, France and the UK for better prospects.
  2. Age old notion of a few conservatives, who were baby boomers, essentially people who were born after the Brits returned to the UK post WW II, still form a notion that other EU countries are not better than the UK post WWII in the Eastern Bloc.
  3. The rising population and a strong representation of the Mohammedans in the UK near the Greater London Area, and especially from India and Pakistan would form a formidable force in the political history of the UK, and that part needs to be addressed politically in the UK.
  4. European Union form a block which Germany and France is struggling to keep afloat through the high tax value in both the countries, who would push for defense deals from both.
  5. The Euro formation was made in a lot of haste. Given the Pound Sterling that the Brits have, a treaty in favor of England would be a prime negotiation deal/s during the EU referendum for a split.
  6. If the EU breaks England off, low-end jobs would be a scarce commodity as this would raise the daily expenditure of the Brits, given the rise in the daily labour wages that can hamper the fiscal deficit of England.
  7. Protecting the personal interests of the working class that can enhance economic activities can be a deciding factor for the London voters, who form a formidable part of political influence in England.
  8. Practical methods and a credit based system for universities like Oxbridge can justify interests for scholars which England would lose, if they voted against EU.
  9. Given the historical enmity that Germans had with the British post WW II, Merkel and Holland would be a positive factor to raise new interests to keep the Bloc intact.
  10. Even the think-tanks in the Western and Eastern World would not support political asylum seekers would be in favor of break-off from the EU, given the treaties of non-extradition that they form with many countries.
  11. Financially, all the investment banks in the EU, especially Swiss Banks, have threatened to pull out of London, if they raise their bias, which would erode London as one of the financial capitals of the world.
  12. Small scale industries from the floating population would be an area or treaty for the illegal and low-end workers that can enhance economic co-operation.
  13. Population migration inside the EU can be a good factor, including movement from the South-East Asians who would base their work on the Pound factor.
  14. Extradition treaty for illegal and political asylum seekers would lessen the ‘London Advantage’ as many people are linked to non-positive deals and increase the arms race.
  15. The UK needs to take pride in their work and not on the ‘setting sun’ clause, much like West Bengal, where the Bengalis still form pride on the Nobel Won back in 1913, who had refused Knighthood in 1919.

No one needs a treaty better off, do they?

To London,

With best wishes.

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