2B or H1 or H1-B?

Dedicated to Her and Her People who live under the Torch

Like every country with a non-racist and unbiased bias, immigrant working visas are very critical and crucial to any country. Melting pots as USA, Canada, ANZ, Japan, Switzerland, UK and South Korea form the crux of any immigrants seeking immigration. The country that I had traveled the length and breadth of the country through ‘Greyhound’ in almost over 12 states, speaks the length and breadth of immigrants, not under H1-B.

H1-B needs an overhaul. A recent connotation happened, when spouses of H1-B on H4 visas were in talks for immigration friendly visas for H1-B. Some categories recognized by the USCIS are –

  1. F1- Student Visa
  2. H1-B- Working Visa
  3. H4- Spouse Visa
  4. B- Business Visa
  5. J2- Exchange scholar visa

Some new categories that can be introduced are (namingly)-

  1. C1B- New status with a lesser billing rate
  2. W1, W2- Working Visa status for low wage workers

Medical facilities under ObamaCare and education facilities under KennedyCare can be a stimulus to accessible healthcare and education respectively. Spouses in H1-B who thrive to spend a honeymoon package in the USA under H4, may not be seriously interested to work under H1-B segment directly, but a new visa status can be used to guarantee USD 20 per hour, at least, in wages in some engagements which can involve research and non-technical consulting under a public university. C1B can be such a new status (namingly).

W1 and W2 can reflect the status of Hispanic and Latino workers who can be illegal immigrants who need to come under the Homeland Security for accessing limited rates for medical and education facilities. Insurance pools can serve the medical cost with accurate statistical analysis. Post 30 months of getting H1-B, renewals can be made for 40 months at higher rates for those who seek longer extension. Some people can be in the process of seeking C1B post approval within 3-4 months of timeline, with a positive view that they will seek extension for work for GC to serve longer. Spouses under h4 category can apply for Fed jobs and categorize it to H1B. Tier-1 visa meant for B-Plus category can essentially allow special status to certain citizens on the earth who are Nobel Scholars, academicians, scientists, scholars of quality intellect, who can enjoy a ‘special visa status’ under the UN Flagship to avail cross-country benefits like naturalized citizenship, tax-free.

H4 to C1B to H1-B will require a special provision for renewal to status. Lottery system to pick up random numbers can be slightly skewed to adopt friendly immigration policies, like Canada, Germany, or Australia who would like to welcome citizens all over the world like the Lady with the Torch welcoming all on the Manhattan Skyline. May Gods bless Her and Her People!

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