To the Queen, with love

With reference to the EU referendum

The British Parliament is in a state of conundrum as to how to proceed for the negotiations in the Brexit issue. A few of the points divided are given below for the EU referendum.

Clauses for discussion For Brexit Against Brexit
Migration Migration will be stopped Migration is natural
New Trade Deals New and independent trade deals No assumptions can be taken for trade deals
Free Trade Deals Free trade deals will hamper the Brexit vote No free trade deals with EU
Economic Stability Economy will stabilize is an assumption Will increase prices affecting economic morale for new taxes
Securing Jobs Low-end jobs will be hampered if Brexit happens Will create more jobs for the underground economy
Rules for Migration Will tighten rules for migration New laws can be enacted post migration to avail selected facilities
Immigration Worries Will raise fears for unwanted migrants Laws would create non-basic security for jobless and homeless as political shelters
Structured Racism Structured racism will increase Notwithstanding laws will percolate through the commoners
Financial Capitalism Lots of new ports will develop in other countries post Brexit Gain for Britain in the long run will be an assumption
Trade Deals Western Bloc will enter new trade deals Eastern Bloc would fail miserably
Address of Fiscal Deficit Taxes will be lowered not to support EU trade Taxes will be raised to support Greece and Spain systematically
EU Referendum EU referendum will stall bilateral ties Cannot have both the sides of the plate
Migration Policies Financial erosion might happen in the long run is an strong assumption London will serve as a melting pot for EU and bank deals
New Horizon Brits can start on a new journey with not take it all If EU survives in 5-6 years, then?
Right Wing Groups Religious bigotry will rise   Right wings will not rule so often
Jobs for Local Economies Local economies will be boosted Local economies will not survive is a baseless assumption
Circular Economy Brexit will never force a self-sustaining economy is a false assumption EU has to rise for countries with better surplus and not as an headache for Germany
Taxes Taxes can be stagnant Taxes can rise in steps to restructure the economy and support allied EU countries
Trans Atlantic Deals Trans Atlantic deals can cause Britain out of the loop of EU Trade deals with not take all unicorns will be a better deal
Pivot Factor Can be pivotal in the long run is a good assumption Britain can negotiate better


Will EU face the brunt of split, leading to the other countries to wash away their hands for the crack in EU, given the popular referendum, or for the better world that Britain had hoped before their eternal twilight, is a good question. Only time can tell!

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