Determining currency value of any country

How is the currency determined in the open market? The value of any currency is determined by many factors. A few qualitative factors that determine the currency weight and value is given below. Volume and amount traded– The percentage of any currency traded in inter-country and intra-country transactions, including the extent of the currency traded is a good factor for transaction determined currency value. Reserves in the central bank- The amount of reserves in the central bank can determine the steady rate of any currency. Transactions for the currency vis-a-vis another currency- Transactions against any other currency can determine the…

Determining the equilibrium point for Brent Crude

Determining the price for the Brent Crude can be a stern task. A graph can be drawn based on the supply and demand, the graph of which can determine the curve that can allow stability of the prices based on the demand of the crude oil. Prices of the Brent Crude is taken as a reference against the supply-demand curve, which will allow prices to fall under the equilibrium range based on the stretch or curve. Here is an approach. Equilibrium Point of demand versus supply with the change of Brent Crude