Game Theory Application in Pharma Industry

Game Theory is used to apply to various trade-offs meant for settling choices. The pharma industry can apply a game theory to various processes of research, with respect to the pharmaceutical product. Here is a glimpse of a report for application of a 3-D Matrix. I have the ownership of the full report. Game_Theory_Pharma  

New business models in micro finance

The traditional micro finance is  a brain-child of Professor Muhammad Yunus at University of Chittagong, which started in 1976. Professor Yunus launched a research project to study the design of credit delivery system to provide banking to the rural poor. A lot has evolved since 1976. This is a glimpse of the report that I had created on micro finance. It entails various business models on micro finance. Kindly have a look. Report on microfinance- Business Models

To my alma mater

A matter of brazen love and unspoken glory, with an unlead fury  It was the summer of 2006. I had landed in Pittsburgh, USA on May 7, 2006 for my studies in Heinz School in Carnegie Mellon University. Life was fun. It was a start of a journey, which eventually turned me to a writer. A small incident of matching of eyes, and a few encounters turned me to a poet. Seriousness apart, I still galore those precious moments I had enjoyed in my days of youth and glory. It is imperative that you fall in love at any or…

Turning a new wheel on bonds

What are Electoral Bonds? This is an interesting concept regarding electoral bonds. A donor can donate a political party, funding without any provisions. The amount can be deposited in the bank in lieu of bonds without any interest. Here is some food for thought. It is a kind of a Promissory Note with an amount and date specified for the maturity date. Let us say, an individual ‘A’ donates INR 2,000 through a bond, which can mature in the future period. Then, with interest free bonds, the amount can be deposited at that maturity date. The transactions are made through…

Financing through JICA, ADB and corporate bond investments

On North East Projects Oil Drill- There are a plenty of natural resources untapped in the North-East. NSDC- Specific projects in the North-East can enhance co-operation in the National Skill Development Mission. LBA- Projects around Bangladesh based on the land border agreement can be very supportive. Specific North East Quota in the defence forces- A North-East paramilitary force can be a good investment. Study Quota in North East- There can be a separate engineering and medical entrance for the North-East candidates. AIIMS and IIT in the seven North East states- Only one IIT in the seven North-Eastern states can be…

This needs a fresher outlook

Petrol and diesel prices in India need a change of prices. It is a heavy burden on the economic & social front of India. I still remember having a chat in front of a petrol bunker in Chennai, way back in 2004, where I had recalled the reduction of petrol prices in India. It has been a long way since September 7, 2004 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Kindly read on! Petrol under GST

Talaq, Talaq, Talaq (تکاق تکاق تکاق )

The Rule of Inheritance In India, Muslim marriage is a civil contract between a man and a woman. Dissolution of marriage can be done at the instance of the husband, wife or mutual. Talaq allowed Muslim men to legally divorce their wife by stating the word Talaq three times, in oral, written or electronic form. This can be a history on the order of the Supreme Court. A Muslim woman can also seek dissolution of her marriage through Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act. A woman can ask for divorce in the following circumstances. If whereabouts of the husband is not…

China, Pakistan and India

The port of Pakistan is of utmost importance in the stability of the India-Pakistan region. CPEC is an initiative of the Chinese Government to seemingly enhance the co-operation. However, there should be some issues that the Chinese Government should keep in mind to enhance peace in this region. Kindly read on! CPEC-To be or not to be

North Korea Missile Development Centre

North Korea has moved several missiles out of a rocket facility in North Korea The above pdf contains information on the missile development in the country of North Korea. It is a shame for all the countries who are trying to arm-twist other countries in the name of religion, hatred and regimental control based on nuclear capabilities. I consult independently on these issues.

The story of a perfect date

The pattern for a choice of dating This is a classic case of dating and matching after a date. Let us assume that a person has three friends who are girls, and they dote on the same male person. We have to find a solution for a perfect date which may happen with a movie, museum and library. (Can happen both sides, as this is supposed to be a non male-centric world!) Let us name the three girls as A, B and C. Let us assume that the male person X has three options to choose from the choice of…

The Problem of Choice

Stable Marriage Allocation Problem This is a classic problem of an arranged marriage. Let us assume that there are three prospective grooms and bridegrooms for the system of arranged marriages in India. Let us denote the male prospects as A, B and C, while let us denote the female prospects as X, Y and Z.   Males Females Person 1 A X Person 2 B Y Person 3 C Z Let us assume that the prospective grooms and brides are talking to each other. Then , from the choice from the male prospects, we have the following table. Male Female…

‘The Cinderella Man’

Why do mergers do not go through? The five main reasons for which a merger and acquisition fail are- Lack of funding to close a deal The difference in valuation and the ‘valuation perspective’ Government intervention due to financial regulation Hostility previewed from the bidding company Lack of transparent behavior and earnings There is one main reason that an acquisition does not go through, as they do not prove ground hostile takeovers. Some of the bids are given below. Dawn Raid– During a ‘dawn raid’, a firm or investor aims to buy a substantial part of the holding, in the…

The Kind of Amendments

A few more amendments in the Constitution of India The Constitution of India as of 2017 guarantees Amendments, since it was first enacted in 1950. According to Article 368, two types of Amendments are available. The first type of amendments can be affected by the Parliament of India by a prescribed ‘special majority’. The second type of Amendment, include those that requires ‘special majority’ and ratification by at least one half of the State Legislatures. A few more type of Amendment can be executed. A ‘special category’ of Amendment that required at least 35% of the working class of India…

The intrinsic value of an IAS Officer

The life of a sarkari investment banker An investment banker works for 12-16 hours a day at crunch situations. The bonus earned, depends on the deals closed. Sometimes, it is a life time bonus. The starting salary in USD terms is 120,000 USD per annum. An investment banker can work on 2-5 projects a day. Take this as a greater opportunity. The sarkari investment banker works for 12-14 hours a day, on a normal routine. The sarkari  investment banker starts with 5-6 lakhs per annum per year, without any project bonus, and solves 20-30 issues a day on an average….