Of Credit Cards and their Usage

Business Intelligence is a method of making correct decisions regarding patterns and forecasting several KPIs. It may be the amount of spending, forecasting spending, pattern of spending and many more. Let us try to explain how a BI tool as SAS 9.2 or Cognos 8.0 can help a bank create products in the local geographical … Read more

Is the industry mature enough to embrace SOA

Is the industry mature enough to embrace SOA (Service Oriented Architectures)? SOA is the new buzzword of the industry in the whole world. It promises much on the table by getting the integration of several application level entities. The age old problem of the legacy systems are eradicated by ensuring an ROI of the investment. … Read more

Psychcometric Profiling

Mark of a true leader A person can be elevated to a greater rung of his hierarchy level if he has these factors truly measures and compiled. With a psychological profiling of these combinations, he can perform the best when truly evaluated in these aspects. PIQ– Personal Intelligent Quotient is a parameter which measures the … Read more

Thank you for raising the question Dear Facebook

This is an interesting question formed in Indian Statistical Institute. Let us take it at a different angle. 26 letters of an alphabet from A to Z can have 26^7 combinations, including repeatations. Now, number of combinations that COVFEFE can form is atmost  Factorial (7) / (Factorial (2) * Factorial(2)). Of all the occurances out … Read more

Simple ROI frame work for an IT architecture

Advantages of an IT architecture and its ROI calculations ROI Framework of an IT architecture From the given advantages, the increased profitability network can be mapped as shown. Profitability can be increased in two ways: increase in revenue and decrease in costs. IT architecture allows new revenues to be created as well as protect the … Read more

From Kolkata, with Love

Wishlist for my Kolkata (a heritage city) Today the CPI and WPI is low in WB; so is the CLI. But do we really see a rise in prices after 5-10 years? Here is a wishlist of things for WB and my love Kolkata- 1. Introduction of metro renovations in N-S corridor of Kolkata 2. … Read more

On Digital Transactions and “Facebook Light”

On Digital Transactions and “Facebook Light” How to transfer money from WhatsApp to WhatsApp or from Facebook ID to Facebook ID via digital transactions With the growing importance of digital money, Facebook and WhattsApp can use authentication for transferring money. The process is as follows- “Facebook Light” sends keywords from one Facebook ID to another … Read more

The power of two

The power of two Dual Credit System and the not-so conscious mind Imagine this in an university. An Australian university attaches the same grade to a group of homogenous students. Imagine this is happening to two students. A dual credit system is the one where two students get the same grade in a class for … Read more

Prisoner’s Dilemma to avoid an India-Pakistan conflict

Prisoner’s Dilemma to avoid an India-Pakistan conflict Mutual Dialogue or Mutual Cooperation India/ Pakistan Compromise/ Cooperate Defect/ Confront Compromise/ Cooperate Reward for mutual cooperation, when different options work out    (P=3, I=3) Kashmir is in conflict zone, if India compromises with a stand  (P=5, I =0) Defect/ Confront   Insurgency problems needs attention from only … Read more

Bionic Chip

Bionic Chip Am I from the 11th generation? Ever wondered what can happen when the chips in a mobile or a laptop can evolve? A chip is basically a circuit, which can be used to run the whole machine. Bionic chips are 11th generation chips that can handle a neural engine. Let us name one engine … Read more