Unilateral and Bilateral Trade Agreements

Unilateral and Bilateral Trade Agreements: Does a trade war benefit economies? Major economies around the world and their trades are based on treaties on which the countries make agreements based on exports and imports. Taking the case of the USA and China, an analysis for the WTO is illustrated. China and the USA are reviewing … Read more

F and M Student Status visa

F and M Student Status: An approach for Homeland Security in the USA: F and M student visa The Department of Homeland Security issues quite a handful of student visas, where people from different places apply- especially from the South Asian countries. F-1 is a status of the current student visa, and M-1 is a … Read more

Medicare policies that can save earnings

Medicare policies that can save earnings Universal Health Code Universal Health Code can draw a lesson from the health insurance scheme taken by the Feds in the US. Some food for thought has been given below. Universal health care system, with no universal health coverage, need to operate with a national health scheme, single-payer or … Read more

To my alma mater

To my alma mater A matter of brazen love and unspoken glory, with an unlead fury  It was the summer of 2006. I had landed in Pittsburgh, USA on May 7, 2006 for my studies in Heinz School in Carnegie Mellon University. Life was fun. It was a start of a journey, which eventually turned … Read more

Dedicated to the monks of Tibet

Dedicated to the monks of Tibet: Neuro Telepathy It is remarked that the Buddhists could live spiritually for more than 1,000 years within their body, given their power of self healing. But, if anyone meets with an accident, then is it possible that people connect with each other spiritually through telepathy? Neuro-scientists are arguing that … Read more


FOOD FOR CHANGE- DEDICATED TO THE PEOPLE IN THE BPL SEGMENT: Alleviating the people below the poverty line Around 1 in 4 in the world are from the deprived social segment. Here is some food for thought for alleviating people below poverty line: 1. Although it might be taken with a pinch of salt, can … Read more

Hail Trump! From USA with NAFTA

Hail Trump! From USA with NAFTA Trade protectionism is a very burgeoning concept in this new-Trump era. However, here are a few thoughts that USA would be interested to know. Agro-based or Agri-based industries with agricultural pockets meant to serve the population, and their needs internally can be a good idea. NAFTA or North American … Read more

Reservation based on index

Reservation based on index Reservation and the misuse of the real representation There is a rise of concern among the Dalits, which needs to be addressed. A few facts on reservation that can be a few of the reckoning factors can be as follows. Primary reservation can be possible at a Constitutional level which can … Read more