How to monetize gold?

How to monetize gold? With nearly 22,000 Tons of gold locked in the house-holds, and India consuming 900-1000 Tons of Gold Annually, here is some food for thought: 1. There can be three types of schemes: Gold Against Gold, Gold Against Interest, and Gold Against Security. a. Gold against Gold is a scheme that allows … Read more

Devaluation of Yuan

Devaluation of Yuan: Red Dragon, this is your time! Dear Red Dragon, No man is an island. Your time has come to be the Eagle at and after the 30 years. Now, you have the full wish to work on yourself or be dependent on export-import trade. Devaluation of Yuan was nice, but the state of … Read more

Marching towards a “Golden India”?

All of us cry that we are a big part of scandals and corruption. Did you ever notice why? Ever wondered why people take money? Ever wondered why people use bribe as a tool to work through? Ever wondered why we are a part of it? The reason is natural progression. We want our off-springs … Read more

The story of a farmer

Some food for thought for the agriculture sector based on observations in the fields of Guntur, AP: 1. Co-Op banks/ Agriculture banks to lend micro credit at lesser interest than other credit lenders 2. Retailer to directly sell to farmers through meetings, mandis after expert comments from the crop scientists in a farmers’ meeting 3. … Read more