Reservation based on index

Reservation based on index Reservation and the misuse of the real representation There is a rise of concern among the Dalits, which needs to be addressed. A few facts on reservation that can be a few of the reckoning factors can be as follows. Primary reservation can be possible at a Constitutional level which can … Read more

To Brexit, or not?

51 versus 48 A popular voting from the Brits starting from 51% versus 48% in favour of the Brexit was actually a popular voting trial that shook the legacy of the Brits in their own backyard. France and Germany had been running mates for EU, by filling the coiffures of the EU countries at a … Read more

Insurance pooling in Medicare and Medicaid

Insurance pooling in Medicare and Medicaid : An analysis for G-7 Private health insurance analysis for underwriting Purchased insurance, social insurance, or even social welfare program for health coverage and health benefits can create a Medicare or Medicaid by pooling resources to spread the financial risk associated with major beneficial expenses across the entire population … Read more

The concept of co-operative farming

Co-Operative Farming This is a proposal for co-operative farming. In this proposal, five farmer members come together with their pooled lands and distribute risks and rewards of the self-help group.   There will be five farmers in a self-help co-operative group, depending on their monthly income. This is shown in the table: Serial Number Farmer … Read more

Determining currency value of any country currency value of any country How is the currency determined in the open market? The value of any currency is determined by many factors. A few qualitative factors that determine the currency weight and value is given below. Volume and amount traded– The percentage of any currency traded in inter-country and intra-country transactions, … Read more

Why MGNREGA will serve for a long time!

Why MGNREGA will serve for a long time! National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 or NREGA, later rechristened as the “Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act” (or, MGNREGA), is Indian labor law and social security measure that guarantees the ‘right to work’. It aims to ensure security in rural areas by providing at least 100 days of … Read more

Nano particles and electromagnetic ink

Nano particles and electromagnetic ink If this was the future This is an interesting concept. You enter your bank passbook inside an electronic kiosk for fulfilling the requirement of updating the ledger balance. You have language options, and at the end you get a printed version of the ledger on the passbook. Here are a … Read more

The thin line between arrogance and mood swings

The thin line between arrogance and mood swings Mood Changes Low (Implicit, Explicit Or Subtle, Extreme) High (Implicit, Explicit Or Subtle, Extreme) Depressive     Negative     Pseudo Neutral     Neutral     Pseudo Positive     Positive     Hyper     Inflammatory     16 states of mood disorders in order … Read more

Digital Marketing Campaign in Facebook

Digital Marketing Campaign in Facebook The chain in chains This is a different opportunity in making Facebook authentic in viral marketing. Suppose you tag a person, and start a digital campaign by donating USD 1,000 to a number of persons you want to tag. The person keeps a 5-95% cut, and allows further tagging for … Read more

Inflation Control and De-control: How to arrest inflation

How to arrest inflation measures Inflation Control and De-control  To measure the control of inflation, the consumption patterns of any country or province needs to be marked. Inflation in raw terms means a state when the liquidity is in excess of goods meant to be purchased for basic necessary items- meaning, any price rise is … Read more