Reverse Migration

Why reversing migration should be an important agenda for the GoI In search of jobs, many people migrate from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities to metros and cities. With the influx of migrants pouring in, there remains a concern for social crimes and unwanted social aberrations. However, a few steps can ensure that reverse migration takes … Read more

On Education Policies- II

On Education Policies- II This article was published in Tripura Info. Building Aptitude & Attitude, While Building India When I was at school in Agartala in Shishu Bihar, one of my senior in school told me a very interesting fact. Even though we were slogging for PCM to crack IIT at that time in HS (+2) … Read more

Recovery path of the US economy

The cost of financial freedom The USA is taking a slow recovery path owing to the mishap in 2008. The financial freedom of some financial institutions has come with a cost. Here is some food for thought for the lawmakers in the US- Increase public welfare spending with conjunction with private players to reduce the … Read more

On Education Policies- I

On Education Policies- I Dear Readers, Thank you for your continued patronage. My article has been published on an English newspaper Daily “Tripura Times” on 22nd august, 2016 in the editorial section. It was also published in the web-site of “Tripura Info” on 23rd of August, 2016 at the special section.Those who have missed my article … Read more

Is GDP real measure of growth of an economy

Is GDP in terms of growth in USD, the real measure of growth of a country? There are better methods for computation of growth than the numbers of GDP. Some of them are- 1. GDP-PPP clubbed together for a country for the real terms of growth 2. GDP-PPP in terms of the local currency for … Read more

Reservation among the equals

Reservation among the equals In this article we talk about the burning issue surrounding reservations. Can we do this please? 1. Socio-Economic based reservation, rather than caste alone. Can we have our census based on that? 2. Can we forfeit reservations by ourselves after getting the benefit to the third generation and a threshold of … Read more

How to monetize gold?

How to monetize gold? With nearly 22,000 Tons of gold locked in the house-holds, and India consuming 900-1000 Tons of Gold Annually, here is some food for thought: 1. There can be three types of schemes: Gold Against Gold, Gold Against Interest, and Gold Against Security. a. Gold against Gold is a scheme that allows … Read more

Devaluation of Yuan

Devaluation of Yuan: Red Dragon, this is your time! Dear Red Dragon, No man is an island. Your time has come to be the Eagle at and after the 30 years. Now, you have the full wish to work on yourself or be dependent on export-import trade. Devaluation of Yuan was nice, but the state of … Read more

The story of a farmer

Some food for thought for the agriculture sector based on observations in the fields of Guntur, AP: 1. Co-Op banks/ Agriculture banks to lend micro credit at lesser interest than other credit lenders 2. Retailer to directly sell to farmers through meetings, mandis after expert comments from the crop scientists in a farmers’ meeting 3. … Read more