New business models in micro finance

The traditional micro finance is  a brain-child of Professor Muhammad Yunus at University of Chittagong, which started in 1976. Professor Yunus launched a research project to study the design of credit delivery system to provide banking to the rural poor. A lot has evolved since 1976. This is a glimpse of the report that I had created on micro finance. It entails various business models on micro finance. Kindly have a look. Report on microfinance- Business Models

China, Pakistan and India

The port of Pakistan is of utmost importance in the stability of the India-Pakistan region. CPEC is an initiative of the Chinese Government to seemingly enhance the co-operation. However, there should be some issues that the Chinese Government should keep in mind to enhance peace in this region. Kindly read on! CPEC-To be or not to be

North Korea Missile Development Centre

North Korea has moved several missiles out of a rocket facility in North Korea The above pdf contains information on the missile development in the country of North Korea. It is a shame for all the countries who are trying to arm-twist other countries in the name of religion, hatred and regimental control based on nuclear capabilities. I consult independently on these issues.

Can this end please?

  The Ukranian Conflict Recent developments in the Ukraine need an attention. A few fact files have marked the calendar year full of blood-shed through unlawful militia in some parts of Ukraine. This has been a great concern for both the Western and Russian Allies. Here are a few dates to remember. April 10, 2016 – Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk announces he will resign. September 28, 2016 – The Joint Investigation Team, a Dutch-led group of prosecutors gathering evidence for a potential criminal trial, says that it has concluded that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was downed over eastern Ukraine by a Buk missile brought…

Can the UN resolve this?

The Story of Bio-Agents A bio agent, also known as biological threat agent, biological warfare agent, biological weapon, or bio weapon is a kind of bacterium, virus, protozoan, parasite or a fungi group can be used in bio terrorism or biological warfare. Pathogens and bio-toxins can also be included as bio-agents. Biological agents can also affect the human health in a variety of ways, by creating allergic reactions to serious medical conditions, including death. Many organisms are ubiquitous in the natural environment, and can be traced in water, soil, plants, or animals as well. Bio-agents can be used to deploy…