Medicare policies that can save earnings

Medicare policies that can save earnings Universal Health Code Universal Health Code can draw a lesson from the health insurance scheme taken by the Feds in the US. Some food for thought has been given below. Universal health care system, with no universal health coverage, need to operate with a national health scheme, single-payer or … Read more

Insurance pooling in Medicare and Medicaid

Insurance pooling in Medicare and Medicaid : An analysis for G-7 Private health insurance analysis for underwriting Purchased insurance, social insurance, or even social welfare program for health coverage and health benefits can create a Medicare or Medicaid by pooling resources to spread the financial risk associated with major beneficial expenses across the entire population … Read more

The Ukranian Conflict, Can this end please?

The Ukranian Conflict Recent developments in the Ukraine need an attention. A few fact files have marked the calendar year full of blood-shed through unlawful militia in some parts of Ukraine. This has been a great concern for both the Western and Russian Allies. Here are a few dates to remember. April 10, 2016 – Ukrainian … Read more

The Story of Bio-Agents

A bio agent, also known as biological threat agent, biological warfare agent, biological weapon, or bio weapon is a kind of bacterium, virus, protozoan, parasite or a fungi group can be used in bio terrorism or biological warfare. Pathogens and bio-toxins can also be included as bio-agents. Biological agents can also affect the human health … Read more