Thank you for raising the question Dear Facebook

This is an interesting question formed in Indian Statistical Institute. Let us take it at a different angle. 26 letters of an alphabet from A to Z can have 26^7 combinations, including repeatations. Now, number of combinations that COVFEFE can form is atmost  Factorial (7) / (Factorial (2) * Factorial(2)). Of all the occurances out … Read more

Simple ROI frame work for an IT architecture

Advantages of an IT architecture and its ROI calculations ROI Framework of an IT architecture From the given advantages, the increased profitability network can be mapped as shown. Profitability can be increased in two ways: increase in revenue and decrease in costs. IT architecture allows new revenues to be created as well as protect the … Read more

How to make facebook more effective?

How to make facebook more effective? Dedicated to the visit of Mark Zuckerburg in India in Delhi on 28th October, 2015 A lot has to be accomplished by “Facebook”. Here are a list of things that Mark can take care of:   1. Facebook School– Ever wondered if facebook started delivering content which improvises the education system? … Read more