Psychcometric Profiling

Mark of a true leader A person can be elevated to a greater rung of his hierarchy level if he has these factors truly measures and compiled. With a psychological profiling of these combinations, he can perform the best when truly evaluated in these aspects. PIQ– Personal Intelligent Quotient is a parameter which measures the … Read more

The power of two

The power of two Dual Credit System and the not-so conscious mind Imagine this in an university. An Australian university attaches the same grade to a group of homogenous students. Imagine this is happening to two students. A dual credit system is the one where two students get the same grade in a class for … Read more

Prisoner’s Dilemma to avoid an India-Pakistan conflict

Prisoner’s Dilemma to avoid an India-Pakistan conflict Mutual Dialogue or Mutual Cooperation India/ Pakistan Compromise/ Cooperate Defect/ Confront Compromise/ Cooperate Reward for mutual cooperation, when different options work out    (P=3, I=3) Kashmir is in conflict zone, if India compromises with a stand  (P=5, I =0) Defect/ Confront   Insurgency problems needs attention from only … Read more

To my alma mater

To my alma mater A matter of brazen love and unspoken glory, with an unlead fury  It was the summer of 2006. I had landed in Pittsburgh, USA on May 7, 2006 for my studies in Heinz School in Carnegie Mellon University. Life was fun. It was a start of a journey, which eventually turned … Read more

Dedicated to the monks of Tibet

Dedicated to the monks of Tibet: Neuro Telepathy It is remarked that the Buddhists could live spiritually for more than 1,000 years within their body, given their power of self healing. But, if anyone meets with an accident, then is it possible that people connect with each other spiritually through telepathy? Neuro-scientists are arguing that … Read more

Poetry everywhere but not a line to read

Poetry, Poetry everywhere, but not a line to read What are the basic parameters of a literary value of a poem? Poems are of various types and formats. The basic structure consists of metre, length, rhyme, lines and syllables. Metre- Quantitative metre is based on syllable weight rather than stress, while qualitative metres are coming at … Read more

The intrinsic value of an IAS Officer

The intrinsic value of an IAS Officer The life of a sarkari investment banker An investment banker works for 12-16 hours a day at crunch situations. The bonus earned, depends on the deals closed. Sometimes, it is a life time bonus. The starting salary in USD terms is 120,000 USD per annum. An investment banker can work … Read more

The art of making a conversation

How to navigate through a sales conversation? The art of making a conversation The art of selling involves a lot of parameters. Here is some food for thought that can be tabulated during a sales conversation- Initiation- Eye contact, Ice Breaking, Listening constitute the initiation of a conversation. Sell yourself first, then sell your ideas. … Read more

Talaq, Talaq, Talaq (تکاق تکاق تکاق )

Talaq, Talaq, Talaq (تکاق تکاق تکاق ) The Rule of Inheritance In India, Muslim marriage is a civil contract between a man and a woman. Dissolution of marriage can be done at the instance of the husband, wife or mutual. Talaq allowed Muslim men to legally divorce their wife by stating the word Talaq three … Read more

The Story of Bio-Agents

A bio agent, also known as biological threat agent, biological warfare agent, biological weapon, or bio weapon is a kind of bacterium, virus, protozoan, parasite or a fungi group can be used in bio terrorism or biological warfare. Pathogens and bio-toxins can also be included as bio-agents. Biological agents can also affect the human health … Read more