The Israeli-Palestine Conflict

The Israeli-Palestine Conflict The Israeli–Palestinian conflict is the ongoing struggle between Israelis and Palestinians that began in the mid-20th century. The origins to the conflict can be traced back to Jewish immigration, and sectarian conflict in Mandatory Palestine between the Jews and Arabs. Here are a few proposals for the ongoing conflict. Proposal number 1: Three proposals for the post World War I administration of Palestine. … Read more

A part of the decision making process

A part of the decision making process Beyond Inflation The RBI has been applauded for its policy decisions based on structural reforms, while being supported and guided by the current Modi Government. However, I believe that the RBI has a greater role to play in these conditions than just tame inflation:1. Can we make senior … Read more

Affordable Housing for All- A Report

Many of the home-buyers face several challenges while purchasing houses. Due to favorable monetary conditions leading to favorable income, there is a push in the real estate prices. On one hand, while the spiraling real estate prices decline, the buyers adopt more cautious note; while on the other hand, affordable housing allows people in the … Read more

Several ways of forming groups in micro-finance activities

Several ways of forming groups in micro-finance activities Bandhan Bank Microfinance The Bandhan Bank was established to provide micro-finance to the self-help groups consisting of women only. Here are a few microfinance strategies meant for Bandhan Bank to accelerate their cause- Bull Whip Model– In this method of 1-2-1-2, only one person who has been … Read more

Reverse Migration

Why reversing migration should be an important agenda for the GoI In search of jobs, many people migrate from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities to metros and cities. With the influx of migrants pouring in, there remains a concern for social crimes and unwanted social aberrations. However, a few steps can ensure that reverse migration takes … Read more

How to make facebook more effective?

How to make facebook more effective? Dedicated to the visit of Mark Zuckerburg in India in Delhi on 28th October, 2015 A lot has to be accomplished by “Facebook”. Here are a list of things that Mark can take care of:   1. Facebook School– Ever wondered if facebook started delivering content which improvises the education system? … Read more

Debate on net neutrality

Debate on net neutrality: On Net Neutrality: Ten years hence, a developed nation will be the one which is a knowledge economy. Meaning that a non-existing asymmetric information will be the base of development for a knowledge economy. Who takes the first step is the question? Now, for that net neutrality comes into the picture. … Read more

Reservation among the equals

Reservation among the equals In this article we talk about the burning issue surrounding reservations. Can we do this please? 1. Socio-Economic based reservation, rather than caste alone. Can we have our census based on that? 2. Can we forfeit reservations by ourselves after getting the benefit to the third generation and a threshold of … Read more

How to monetize gold?

How to monetize gold? With nearly 22,000 Tons of gold locked in the house-holds, and India consuming 900-1000 Tons of Gold Annually, here is some food for thought: 1. There can be three types of schemes: Gold Against Gold, Gold Against Interest, and Gold Against Security. a. Gold against Gold is a scheme that allows … Read more