Hail Trump! From USA with NAFTA

Hail Trump!

From USA with NAFTA

Trade protectionism is a very burgeoning concept in this new-Trump era. However, here are a few thoughts that USA would be interested to know.

  1. Agro-based or Agri-based industries with agricultural pockets meant to serve the population, and their needs internally can be a good idea.
  2. NAFTA or North American Free Trade Association can be a boon, if Canada and Mexico join hands together to siphon out best trade practices, including movement of labour.
  3. Labour Union for illegal immigrants can help protect the interests of the labours, but too much froth can cause a population skew with Hispanics post 2050 AD.
  4. Special status category to the Hispanic labours instead of permanent legal immigration can also be thought of.
  5. Immigration overhaul system with an emphasis to scholars can be a good suggestion.
  6. Central Banking Rules with a greater emphasis to Fed decisions and control for financial control can be emphasized.
  7. Exporting services to the world based on services to countries with a better currency value can be a good deal.
  8. Devaluation of Dollar can mitigate Chinese Yen and it’s over prominence can help Dollar sustain its momentum as its world currency figure.
  9. Fed interest rate hike at 0.25% can be done which does not create furore among the shock absorbers.
  10. Defence Collaboration will enhance co-operation and emphasize the trading platform for joint exercise in production, especially with India.
  11. Europe and production with respect to NATO and the Allies will be a greater aspect to work together.
  12. Shale gas exploration and drilling can introduce a new source of revenue.
  13. Making USA an education hub meant for scholars will be a non-protectionist measure for scholars from different countries.
  14. Addressing growing unrest among people by helping economically challenged strata through the lesser charges in education and medical care can be a greater perspective.
  15. Severe protection for immigrants will be a binding factor for many immigrants who want to serve the country for a longer time.
  16. Homogenous tax network for individuals living in the different states under the Fed government will be a greater factor for provision.
  17. Higher tax rate in some states involve migration of immigrants that does not enhance the economy.
  18. Auto protectionism from goods and taxes based on import tariffs will be a greater boon, but the trade-off lies if such a labour union can support internal production.
  19. Trade deal in WTO is not an accepting term if it creates a skew as noticed by WTO. Trade protectionism in the raw terms can be a greater impediment.
  20. Trading with certain countries to create sovereign gold as a back up to Dollar can be thought of.

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