Insurance pooling in Medicare and Medicaid

Insurance pooling in Medicare and Medicaid : An analysis for G-7

Private health insurance analysis for underwriting

  1. Purchased insurance, social insurance, or even social welfare program for health coverage and health benefits can create a Medicare or Medicaid by pooling resources to spread the financial risk associated with major beneficial expenses across the entire population to protect everyone, including persons who need medical assistance.
  2. Health insurance can cover disability or long-term nursing or custodial needs and not just ad-hoc episodes for any hospitalization care.
  3. Private Health coverage can be a consumer driven healthcare economy which would prefer a 3-tier based primary, secondary and tertiary sector of health care assistance to use health savings accounts known as flexible spending arrangement subject to pay-roll taxes and pay-roll savings.
  4. FSA debit card known as flexi-card can access accounts for healthcare accounts for out of pocket medical expenses under a qualified employer sponsor group. Managed care has three exclusive potential providers of organization health care maintenance organization or through any professional provider organization.
  5. Healthcare insurance plan which can be primary healthcare provider must be seen with a predetermined authorization, where doctors are paid as a function of care and ad-hoc meetings.
  6. Managed care for medical doctors and healthcare providers can agree to healthcare for access to medical underwriting as a health insurance term referring to in-depth healthcare information.
  7. A federal structure for Federal Employees Health Care Benefits Program will require civilian employees for annuity and healthcare benefits for inclusive care. Medicare benefits require pay-roll taxes, premiums and surtaxes for the general population, including Medicaid benefits for beneficiaries towards general revenues as well.
  8. Elderly programs can be an all-inclusive care for primary and speciality care, nursing, social services, therapies, for the elders including veterans who are above 60 in age to be covered specially under health care programs.
  9. Health savings account for high-deductible health plan and medical savings account can induce health care insurance in all formats including families with children as an absolute necessity, and especially for single parents with deductibles covered by the governments.
  10. Cross country insurance plan which helps the immigrants to a greater extent can also play a significant role in mitigating spill-over and economic leakage. Migrant insurance can also uplift people for any country in G-7.

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